Cookie Log

December 17, 2004
9:300pm I've got an idea! I get out some hard candy and my Valve Hammer Editor (a very early version) and smash the candy in a bag.

9:35pm I find two cups that have about 2 cm difference in diameter.

9:36pm I make some gingerbread dough (recipe out of The Joy of Cooking)

I take a chunk of dough and flour my marble surfave and the top of the dough chunk

and roll it out with a rolling pin

I slightly press the larger cup into the dough (not all the way through) then center the smaller cup, and push down through.

Then remove the inside

I cut out the outside by using the template from the bigger cup with an exacto knife, and free hand the 'corner'

I use the innside part from above to make the lambda

Free hand the 2 cut

And pull it out gently with the exacto knife

I put everything in place on a cookie sheet lined with Renold's release foil

And apply my candy to the open parts

Out of the oven

What it looks like up to a light

Similarly, for counterstrike:

and lit up

Counterstrike with a candy guy!:

and lit up

TFC (was a tad too easy)

And lit..

Hope you've enjoyed this (again). You can check out my other non-cookie related projects at