Cookie Log

December 16, 2004
1:07pm I wake up, shower and check my rss feeds. BoingBoing has listed that blasted Halflife 2 - Cookie's edition project. Some one on irc had spammed it the other day and I verified it wasn't their project before I told them what I thought of it. Don't get me wrong. The guy did put alot of effort into the cookie and all, I just thought the lambda was a tad funky looking, what with the "stencil effect" of being all one piece. Although I wish I had access to welding things to make cookie cutters (and other stuff) I don't, and I doubt most people do.

1:32pm I ponder a multi layered cookie, then realize that a previous post on Boingboing was the answer. I'd known about and used the millifori technique prior to this, so it's doable.

I know that I am doing this just to prove a better cookie can be made and that makes me feel sort of bad.. but then I remember that cookies are tastey. Plus I think it will probably take less time/effort than making a cookie cutter and anyone can try to do this themselves.

2:00pm I found the perfect dough to make, a dough specifically for modeling/modeling. I make two batches, one I use plain sugar and the other I use brown sugar, and add a tablespoon of cocoa to darken it further.

The dough must chill for 3-4 hours, so I must postpone my cookie creation. During the next 3 hours I eat breakfast, clean the bunnies' litter boxes and watch some tv.

5:00pm I take the dough out of fridge. I make two slabs, one half the height of the other to form the Y part of the lambda. I stick them together, not quite perpendicular.

Next I make a "rope" or "snake".. anyone who has gone through kindergarten should know how to.

I stick it in the acute angle of the lambda.

Cut off the excess

Smoosh the roundness out of it

It has been smooshed!

Another snake for the obtuse angle

Some smooshing

It needs another rope

Smoothed to half-circle-ness

It is at this time that I realize that the plastic cutting board that I'm using is causing the dough to stick, so I opt for a marble cutting board that I've stuck in the freezer for a few minutes.. It makes a huge difference in sticking
Add some more slabs here and there

Make a rope and flatten the bottom by smooshing it

Applied to the side and smooshed into place. It's officially a cookie log! :O

5:30pm The battery in my camera dies. I must wait for it to charge in order to proceed. I decide it's also a good idea to stick the cookie log in the freezer so that it is very stable to work with. I put the cookie dough back in the fridge. While I wait, I log into my website's control panel and set up a subdomain, upload the first pictures and create everything on this web page up until this point right here.

6:23pm Camera is charged and ready to go, but I did end up wrapping two rectangles, a light one then a dark one, around the cookies so they look like this:

I add a rope of dark for the curve of the 2

Then add a slab of light colored stuff, shapping it into a two. I put another rope of dark on the other side of it.

This is a side view so far:

Couple more ropes added around the 2

..and slab around the whole 2 corner part thingy

Now I cut down the middle just to see how pretty it looks

I then cut the whole log into 1/4 inch cookies

Out of the oven!

Onto a plate

and into my mouth!

With the left over dough, I made a crude poorly designed cookie of one of my bunnies, Mookie

Mookie says it doesn't look much like her though.

Hope you've enjoyed this. You can check out my other non-cookie related projects at